In Loving Memory of Blaze Russell Imburgia (Ben) age 99.

Ben Imburgia - our beloved husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather passed away on Saturday, August 16th. He will be remembered most for putting the “love of his life” - his wife Rita, his family and animal companions above all else. There was no life event, celebration or big or small matter in our lives that he wasn’t there to support and give us the courage to keep going and to do better. He had a warm, wonderful smile, a great sense of humor and was apparently a great nap taker. He lived to be 99 years old and as a man with so much life, many thought he would “outlive” us all. One of the greatest gifts he passed on to us was his love of animals, as evidenced by the long walks he took with his dogs; especially Sam and many hours spent caring for his horses. They were not only companions to him; they were part of the family. He had a delightfully witty sense of humor. He would often start sentences with “Oh yeah, followed by something incredibly funny.” He was extremely protective over all of us. Even in his 90’s he always “knew a guy” that would come to our rescue if someone “treated us badly.” We’d tease him that at 90 they were all in walkers or wheel chairs. He’d laugh. Ben gave us the greatest gift anyone could ever give. He believed in us. We will always remember his incredible heart and gentle soul and know that our lives are forever changed because of this generous and self-sacrificing man. “He was easy to love.” ------------------------------------------------------------ A celebration of life event will be held on September 28 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm at the Press Wine Bar, 2221 Professor Avenue (Tremont), Cleveland, Ohio; Phone: 216-566-9463; Website: Ben is survived by his wife, two children and their families. Rita Hinton of Cleveland, Ohio; Son, Ronald Imburgia and his wife Lorene of Cleveland, Ohio; Daughter Lori Schmelter and her husband Ron of Brookpark, Ohio and Step-son, Jason Hinton and his wife Courtenay of Lorain, Ohio. Grand-children are Patty Miller, Mike Imburgia, Cathy Schmelter, Mark Imburgia, Paula Koszarek and Mia Wood. Great-grandchildren are Alexandra Douglas, Kaitlyn Douglas, Michael Imburgia, Devin Koszarek and Quinn Koszarek. Great-great-grandchildren are Cody Imburgia and Serenity Boone. Special thanks to Rita from the family for taking such good care of our father and grand-father through the ups and downs in the last years of his life. We appreciated all those who befriended and cared for Ben through his life and at the end of his life. We are sure they join us in feeling privileged to have known him. Donations may be made in Ben Imburgia’s name to Hospice of the Western Reserve, Contributions, 17876 St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44110 or online at


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Another January! 2019! I am still missing YOU. All my love, always! Rita
January 11th, 2019
Well, thanks for protecting me, AGAIN. Came off Marquis 9-3-16 in the Metro Parks, 40 minutes from the stables. Landed on my butt, lost my glasses and thought M would run off , but, he stayed with me! Never left me. 83 acres of trails to run away, but he stayed and waited for me to get up. You sent people to help me mount, and people to help find my glasses, too. Amazing. Five riders came along who had trailered to our area and they helped me get on and rode with me to the river crossing. Got home in one piece and hugged that grey boy and told him what a good boy he was for not leaving me. No way could I have looked for him on foot. I was in too much pain. Fractured L-1 and severely bruised my tail bone. Ortho. doc. said 6-8 weeks to heal. Whew, I did. PAIN, like nothing I ever had. Started back to work, 10-17-16. And riding again without any pain. Switched to a 'honkin' big western saddle for a more secure seat. I call it, "Nana's rockin' chair". Thanks for being there for me. You always knew how much riding meant to me. So glad I still can do it. You're going to get such a big kiss from me when we meet again. Love you. Hug Sam for me.
November 19th, 2016
Well, how is Sam? He left me 7-25-16, at 18 yrs. old. I was there with him at the end. I told him it was ok and that you would be waiting for him. He stayed with me so long, I think, because he was waiting until he was sure that I would be ok on my own, without him. Sam...........I miss you terribly! You WERE the wonder dog, the bestest dog, the smartest dog and my BEST friend. Kiss Ben for me. I miss him, too. But, he has his hands full taking care of ALL the animals that went before me. And there are so many. Love to all you wonderful animals. I am waiting for the time when I can kiss each and every one of you!!! All my love, Rita
September 25th, 2016
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